Smart Sensor Software for OEMs

Integrate our software solution to make your device smarter, safer and more in tune with its users.

Privacy & Security

Privacy & Security

Increase security and the feeling of privacy through user identification and automatic presence detection to blur and lock screens.

Digital Wellbeing & Convenience

Digital Wellbeing & Convenience

Improve comfort, convenience and digital health. Provide insights and data into screen time and computer usage.

Power Performance

Power Performance

Save power and CPU performance in a natural and unobtrusive way with screens that dim and react to user presence.

All possible with Windows Hello camera systems

Premium computers need to stand out. Enable intelligent, intuitive and insightful experiences with a software solution that makes the most of your compatible Windows Hello camera.

Windows Hello

Enhanced Capabilities

Bring a range of new capabilities to your Windows Hello camera system with Tobii Aware.

Presence Detection

Detect user presence based on face and head feature points.

User ID Recognition

Recognize users through analysis of facial features .

Head Tracking

Track head pose and movements with six degrees of freedom.

Privacy & Security

Safer to work in any environment.

Features include:

  • Blur screen with ID recognition – the contents on the screen are blurred when the user looks away and un-blurred only for the correct active user
  • Auto-lock – automatically locks Windows when the user is not present
  • Windows Hello – enterprise grade security login with no need for a password using face recognition ( provided by Windows Hello camera system )

Digital Wellbeing & Convenience

Increased comfort, convenience and ergonomics.

Features include:

  • Wellbeing data – measure daily usage and track habits such as screen time, user position, distance to screen and break time to provide statistics and healthy reminders
  • Convenience & productivity – enable intuitive interactions for your intelligent device: stay awake on presence, warp mouse & windows across multiple screens effortlessly, un-dim or turn on your screen when the user returns

Power Performance

Efficient battery and CPU power usage.

Features include:

  • Dim screen – screen brightness automatically dims when the user looks or steps away
  • Smart detection – intelligent use of signals, tracking and illumination control to maintain lower power usage with high quality detection

About Tobii

We enable a range of devices to visually sense the user, making everyday experiences more intelligent, intuitive and insightful. The independent leader in eye tracking, Tobii has extensive experience in developing sensor technologies, including both hardware and software solutions.

World Leader in Eye Tracking

Tobii is the leading supplier of eye tracking technology to integration customers, combining advanced hardware with sophisticated algorithms backed by the industry’s most comprehensive patent portfolio.

Global Presence and Partner Experience

Tobii's global offices are spread through Europe, North America, Taiwan, China and Japan, making us accessible to our large network of partners that include OEMs, ODMs, sensor, processing and software vendors.

Established in Multiple Fields of Use

All are leaders in their fields, Tobii's three business units focus on different applications for sensor technologies, including assistive communications, analytical research solutions and technology integration.


System and hardware requirements for Tobii Aware

OSWindows 10 RS5 or later
System requirements2.0 GHz, Intel i5 or i7, 8 GB RAM
CameraWindows 10 Hello camera

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