Tobii Aware in the

Lenovo ThinkCentre M90a

Smart technology that anticipates your needs. Secure from inside out. A better way to work, even from home.

A New Era of Smart PCs Begins

The Lenovo ThinkCentre M90a includes a range of Tobii Aware features that improve the user experience in subtle, but powerful ways.


Power & Performance

Save power and CPU performance in a natural and unobtrusive way with screens that dim and react to user presence.
Power & Performance

Productivity & Wellbeing

Improve productivity, convenience and digital health. Provide insights and data into screen time and computer usage.
Productivity & Wellbeing

Privacy & Security

Increase security and the feeling of privacy through user identification and automatic presence detection to blur and lock screens.
Privacy & Security

A Computer That Understands You

Experience smart interactions with the Lenovo ThinkCentre M90a, with a more seamless workflow experience enabled by the Tobii Aware software solution.

A Computer That Understands You

Tech Specs


Up to 65W Intel 10th. Gen core i9 processor


23.8” WVA, FHD, 250nits (ES8.0) / Touch & Nontouch display, 23.8” WVA, FHD 350nits / Nontouch / Privacy Guard (optional)


Up to 64GB DDR4


Up to 1TB M.2 SSD and 2TB SATA HDD


Integrate Graphics & AMD Radeon™ 625 2GB gDDR5

Preloaded Software

Lenovo Vantage®, Tobii Aware, Microsoft® Office 365 30-day free trial, Skype for Business, LinkedIn, Cortana 3.1 Premium


ThinkShield compliant, Trusted Platform Module (dTPM) 2.0, Intrusion switch, Smart USB Protection, ThinkShutter, Kensington lock slot, Privacy Alert / Smartscreen Blur (requires optional IR camera and preloaded Tobii Aware software)